Joke Of The Day!

An old lady sit's on her porch,alone, in her rocking chair and thinks about the good ol' days.... POOFFFF!.. There in front of her appears a genie... "I will grant you three wishes" he says... The old woman gathers her thought's and finally say's " OK, Genie.. I want to be rich"... POOFFF! ... Her rocking chair instantly turns to solid gold ... " Your second wish maam", the genie replies .... "WOW!, UMMMMM, I wish I were a young, beautiful, princess"... POOFFFF! The old woman turns into a young woman in her 20's, with a diamond encrusted crown halloing over her head... The old woman starts to cry with joy... Just then her cat creeps by, purring, and rubbing up against her leg.. " One more wish", the genie shouts... The old woman gathers her composure.. " I wish my cat was a handsome prince"... POOOFFF!.. The cat magically turns into a stuning young man...POOOOFFF! The genie dissapears.. The young prince walks behind the woman, puts his hands on her shoulder's and starts to message them.. He bends down, approaches her ear and whispers " Don't you regret having me neutered!!"... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
mohebert25 mohebert25
26-30, F
Sep 21, 2012