Gastroparesis: A Little Of My Story

Im a 39 year old woman who was diagoned after 3 years of tests in 2007.

It finally took the gasteric empting test 4 1/2 to still not complete and they called it off and sent me home with a <4% emptying rate to determine that it was gasteropareis. I was also diagnosised with Ulcerative Colitis after 2 colonoscopys.

I have also struggled with an eating disorder for the majority of my life. They believe that my ED was the primary trigger to the gastroparesis.

The gastroparesis and UC seems to go through flare up and sometimes gets so unbareable I start droping drastic amounts of weight unrelated to the ED.

In the last 2 weeks ive dropped 18 pounds and cant seem to get any food in me without extreeme pain and nausea. Ive tried to modify my diet to easily soulable foods and low protien, fat and fiber as they are difficult to digest.

Even liqidis nauseate me and Im getting very dehydrated.

I have set an appointment to see my GI and am currently taking OTC Prilosec.

I feel like Im running an uphill battle here again after having a bit of control over it.
serinitysurfer serinitysurfer
Sep 22, 2012