While Walking To Get My Mail I Made Up My Mind

Today 09/24/2012 it dawn on me. I did nothing wrong to my son's or family. And the people whom I opened my home and heart to and called my friends I did nothing to them. So why am I giving these people the time and why am I allowing them to invade my SPACE?

They are not worthy of my SPACE. I have decided that I have lived this long without them I don't need them I have a wonderful Father who loves me just the way that I am and it don't cost me a dime.

I choose to move on and decided to try and do for myself for after all sitting down and worrying about why they don't love me is not going to help me or make them love me or even like me.

After all the woman who gave me birth never loved me and I made it this far without her I can go on with the life that God has given me and thank Him for giving me the strenght to let go and allow Him to work in my life.

They say be careful for what you pray for. Well my prayers was "Lord I am so sick of people taking advantage of me please Lord keep away the people that don' t have my best interest at heart."

And so far He has been doing just that. At that moment a peace came over me that I have never ever experienced before. I am going to move on I am going to find a home and I am going to become a Foster Mom and love these forgotten children that has no one to love them.

I am going to choose these kids and let them know how special they are and give them the love that my son's has taken for granted and never ever appreciated. I have so much love to give and so I am going to do just that.
Speakreal Speakreal
56-60, F
Sep 24, 2012