Not. My Day.

sometimes you.. scratch that. most days dont go your way. go ahead and just admit it.
You want to sit down and just freeking cry about it. but no. you are way to strong for that.
you keep your head up, even when u feel so small and insignifigant.

You know those time when you are with your best friends and your having the time of your life. you are laughing, and being COMPLETELY craaazy!!!
you are having soooooo much fun, and everyone else look at you like wtf?
and there are just those quiet people who stare at you wishing they were you.

Now imagine you are that little person who wants to be you. who wants to be being CRAZY with their friends.

That little person is me. thats how i feel every single day. at volleyball.
ALL the girls in their little possies. and then theres me. hanging with the dorks, just so i dont looks so alone.

not. my. day.

iamlaurenliz iamlaurenliz
13-15, F
Sep 25, 2012