I Was Listening Deeply

I was listening deeply to the Dhali Lama in an interview the other day. I was as usual, entranced by the sure pattern of his confident speech as he explained in a happiness project, that, to him contentment and happiness could be reached through meditation on Compassion. I loosely remember his analogy where, as a baby sits inside it's mother growing, the mother is saturated with thoughts of what will be. When the baby is born, mom takes baby to her breast and nurses. She does not do this exclusively because she has some instinct programmed by nature to do so, she does not do it because of biology, she does not do this for religious reasons. She does this as an act of willingness. The baby is fed by her blood and is then fed by her body, it is a total act of benevalence and compassion becomes the baby's blood, it is then IN us all. When we sit and think about situations that inspire compassion, like a very joy inducing vid i saw on the you tube where a guy was in his house, tuned on a camera, went outside where a down poor was flooding his neighborhood. As the jumbled footage advanced across a pond that was his front yard he said he had heard them on his way back from checking on the next door over, he waded into some tall grasses in a small ditch and then the sound picks up the small, tiny mews of a kitten, he says he does not know how many there are, or how long they were there but that he would save as many as he can find. He keeps asking, "where?...where is that one?" he sorts out some grass to find this last little wet thing barely above water, nothing to hold onto but trapped. He says, "gotcha!" and runs back in the house where he puts the dog behind a door and starts unloading his pockets of kittens. I got thinking about the severalty of things that envoke that rush I had watching this unfold, and I smiled involuntarily.
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Dec 1, 2012