Have You Ever Got Pantsed

first of all my name is Benn and I am the school's number 1 baseball player before I played baseball I was quite a loser and i used to wear tighty wities but now I wear boxers and don't get bullied.One morning when I waked up all my boxers was washed and I only had a pair of tighties so I had to wear them it was just a normle day and we were gonna have a baseball match I was quite exited ,when I was in the bathroom after peeing i forgot to pull up the zip on my jean and one of my baseball team mates saw it and he really doesn't like me.after the match sadly we didn't won when we were changing back into our normle clothes i quickly tried to change but before that Josh (the guy who doesn't like me) came and pantsed me all my friends and team mates were luaghing and one of my team mates said a guy who wear thighties should not be on a baseball team I said ok i will stop playing baseball what will you guys do without me and everyone stoped luaghing then one of my team mares said ya guys what will we do without Benn agree,agree,agree,agree and another few times said all of my team mates and then Willain said lets all wedgie Josh agree,agree,agree,agree!
I hoped you liked my story! :D
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Plz say if you like my story or not :D