Night Sex

That was the rainy night of saturday. I was going to my home near 9. In way,a girl near 22 year asked me for lift.I stopped my bike,she came &sit behind me.Her breast were touching my back.After we travel little distance our bike got punctured & our home was near about 10-12km. from there.That's why we decided to spend that night in a hotel.There was only one single badroom left in hotel.I asked that girl "are you having any problem to sleep with me"but she told that she is not having any problem at all.i went &sleep but she removed her all cloths even bra & panty also i got too much eccited .She came near me and sleep near me.i touched her breast but she said nothing then we start doing sex. I ****** her whole night .............
shubhamthakur shubhamthakur
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012