The Story Of Loch Ness, Is There Any Evidence To Say The Loch Was Not There

65 million years ago i have to say yes, but what is it,we need to look at the evidence for that we need geology, and we need to look at the rocks at the new York coast,then look at the rock on the coast of Scotland, then the rocks in Norway so we can see they are the same , so part of the same land at one time,so when was this the claim is it is 4 inches per year,as new york is 3,459 miles so about 54 million years ago, so 11 million years after the death of the monsters, so if the loch was formed 54 million years ago by this break up, we must look to the geology of the loch to understand it.
danielm85948 danielm85948
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Dec 9, 2012