Life Is Getting Too Hard!!

You cannot trust the people that are suppose to lookout for and serve and help the people of the communities anymore. It's not whats right or wrong, it is who you know in power. I know there are alot of caring people that would do the right thing, but you cannot count on the people in power to always do the right thing. What is even worse is when something is very wrong and clearly seen that it is wrong and it is not fixed but covered up instead. Then thet get away with it and no lawyer wants to step in and rock the boat. When someone takes a CODE OF ETHICS they should have to honor it and serve justice where justice is due. It is not fair that people in power can lie, steal, and cover up injustice and get away with it. People like that need to be thrown out of power. Too many dishonest people in power just to get for themselves. I am NOT talking about President Obama either. He is a good man. More people need to learn from him. Hilary Clinton for next president!!!
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

<p>Well here I am now suffering post concussion syndrome and on more meds and cannot afford to see a doctor for testing on my brain because my "PIP" coverage on my auto ins is used up when the accident should not have been 90% my fault when she was driving fast, texting and her headlights were off and her cellphone was found laying in her car open and to the officer but he neglected to state that info on the police report. i was in shock and confussed from the concussion so I didn't realize things until 2 weeks later when i started remembering the accident. the police officer had to realize her headlights were off so I beleive he was called out specail for her because we had to wait for a second officer to get there and he took 20 minutes. now i cannot work as much and making half the money and cannot pay my bills. Been through 9 lawyers but no onr will take the case because it is my word against her and the officer's word and we might not win. Bank of America is foreclosing on my home and I have no money to get a place to live. The past 16 months I have contacted so many agency's for help and no one will help me. Guess I need to be a person not of my country and then I would probably get some help here with treatment and housing. Sucks that I cannot afford myself.</p>