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guess i better learn to keep quiet have lost some friends cause of what i have said sorry to them
sweetwolf sweetwolf 56-60, M 33 Responses Dec 25, 2012

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Did you tell anyone what you did last summer? 🙈

Try me as a friend.

if they cant take it they dont have to respond !

If they don't accept you for whom you are.. they are not your friends. mx:))

always be yourself people can take it or leave it. faking it never works it bs plus boring

I don't know how that was...just think one should always consider other people's sensitivity and feelings...not all we think we can throw at other people's humble opinion...

Don't worry you won't lose me at contrary I'm afraid I might lose you for the way I chat

It takes a big man to apologize....too many people won't and they are of the smallest of men. :-)

yeah true thanks

They should'n ask for what they really don't want to hear. A bunch of rooster crowing.


Dnt worry about them.

Then they weren't strong enough to hear your words

yeah guess they wernt

You should not worry about what your friends are going to say or do when you speak, the truth is if they are any kind of friends at all then they will listen and try to understand. Don't apologize for their shortcomings. Now if you were drunk and belligerent maybe you should. But otherwise you shouldn't

thanks I wast drunk or anything was just telling them what I thought

Good for you.


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Happens to me ALL THE TIME. I would advise not to tell anyone what you have done .


I find it funny how people can say "tell me the truth don't lie to me." and when you give them the truth they can't handle it.

yeah weird huh

say whatever you want to me as long as you are being true to yourself it doesnt matter how much we disagree i will still be there for you

thanks very much

your very welcome sweet heart ~HUGS~


If they can't respect you for what you have to say you need better ones anyways.


people should appreciate honesty

I know right , that seems weird though

If you can't be honest and speak you mind to your friends are they really your Friends??


aw sweet and you will be able to say many things :)


I know how you feel sweetwolf,


I didn't see anything offensive. You are fine, Sweetwolf! No worries!


To me, you never have to be sorry. I respect everyone's opinion and input on my life; past, present and future. A friend once told me that true wisdom comes from listening to what others have to say. It allows us to see the world from someone else's point of view and experience, this can allow us to see things in a way that we had never imagined before.

So as long as someone is being honest with me, they never have to be sorry ;-)


omg love your NE pic seekingamanda !

If they call you a friend will they not forgive you.

some have doing good with them

If you are sorry and they know it I hope you get them back again.

That can happen, insert foot into mouth. Cheer up, there are more friends to meet.

There are times when we speak out of line, say something we shouldn't, say or do something that hurts a friend. If you are truly sorry, apologize to them. But remind them that from time to time you may say something but not mean it. We all do that. If they were you're true friend, they will accept your apology and move past it. Just remember that someday you may, have the same thing happen to you. If it does be understanding and comprehensive like you want them to be.




i know how u feel,i do tell people things that i regret later on ,then i realise i have been immature and i have hurt people or act as an agressive person .
ask forgiveness and say that u r really sorry if u feel it coz a friend is like a treasure ,so preserve it

i am here to be immature, there is no way i could talk to strangers in life and get away with it pat for catty lol


Sometimes having a big mouth doesn't help any kind of relationship.

i am very big on loyalty so it all depends on what was said. But if you want them back.. i say go for it.. prove to them ur sorry


Sometimes people cannot handle truths!

Sometimes it is not "what" you say, but "how" you say it. Best wishes :)

I know exactly how you feel.

even when people get hurt or mad, they usually get over it pretty honest but polite...more of an option than a judgemet. People respond better that way....but I have to agree it is a learning prossess....hang in there.