Just Joined Today ( Wednesday, January 9, 2013 )

LOVE how the internet connects people !

more to follow........

nurseman69 nurseman69
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Are you a nurse and where are you from??

hi there ! yup....am a nurse, RN.

work with our nations warriors in the veterans administration .... here in baltimore for now, but because we have VA's in each state, my job has me going to a variety of different states each month.

so.... monday, 1-14-13..... just before noon. what's going on by you ?



I am a hair stylist. My late husband was a marine during the cuban missle crisis at 17 yrs old. I did not marry him till 1984 and he was alot older than me. I guess your job is a good one. Do you like it?? I love my job.

Hi nurseman69. Welcome to EP! :)