The Dream Pie

A Lemon marengue pie was being made - it was made from scratch , and the baker was I . First the crust , an old quart bottle serving as a rolling pin , next the egg whites being beaten , all eventually put into the oven to bake .
Along comes a man jumping wildly through the kitchen ( I knew not from where he came ) and I told him to stop jumping as the pie could collapse from his wild antics ! Stop he did NOT , so I yelled so loud that I awoke myself , my wife asking what was the matter , and me wondering if the pie came out alright , or did it collapse ...
Try as I might , I could NOT return to this dream and after a week gave up trying , for surly it would be gone after a whole week ! And so I never did find out how the pie turned out - but I often speculate .
Shawndog Shawndog
Jan 10, 2013