This Story Will Apply To All Those That Have A Meter For The Electric Power In The Home

how to check the meter is running correct, so first thing to know is ! unit is 1 thousand watts , say your meter was fitted 10 years ago , ten years is 87 thousand hours , say in that time you have used , 30 thousand units, remember one unit is a thousand watts, so all you do is 87 thousand times point 350 watts per hour ,which is 30 thousand 450 watts, so per day all you do 24 times point 350 watts which is 8 units 400 watts per day, this can be done for any number of years, all you have to do is remember there is 8 thousand 760 hours in one year then do times the number of years.if you need help working this out for your own bill just tell me , and i can tell you what your bill is per hour.
danielm85948 danielm85948
61-65, M
Jan 15, 2013