okay a little bit about me well let's see I am what you could call a just a good old country boy a.k.a. redneck I like to hunt fish camp go bowling play pool work on cars remodel houses pretty much a jack of all trades I am the type of guy that will treat his woman the way she should be treated in every way may that even be when she is really having a bad day she can always have my shoulder to cry on and could always come to me when she has a problem or upset she would never worry a bout me turning her away I am just looking for a real woman not in one night stands for and benefits booty calls sugar mamas I would like to find a redneck woman one neck. Leave the house with a pair of blue jeans on and a T-shirt I love the outdoors bonfires are the most fun just sit back listening to the outlaw hours with a good woman by my side now I do have two kids but they do not live with me they are with my ex so I don't always have them all the time basically I'll get to see him hardly at all I could be a guy that could go out on the town or just sit at home snuggle up to my woman on the couch and watch a good movie I loved to cook barbecue I know this says is that the top but I'll put in here to I am divorced nine years and a half now I'm 35 5/6 hundred and 20 pounds and that's pushing it soaking wet yeah, I'm a skinny white boy I do have one fetish and that has two deal with a woman's breasts yes I love to suck on them all the time my ideal thing would be to find a woman that is pregnant wants to be or just had a baby and still has her milk or would like it back and yes you do not have to be pregnant in order to bring your milk not only that you never even have to to be pregnant before any woman can have her milk it just takes a lot of time and commitment on doing this is not a one-time thing this takes a wild in order to do this and wants you get back you cannot stop I've done a lot of research on this matter and found a lot of helpful sites on how to do this I wanted to try this for years now my ex would not even breast-feed our kids or even let me try it so I'm always one to do this if I find the right woman to be in a relationship and is willing to do this I want to settle down with her I've heard that this type of closeness is a really good thing they say is like a blind you cannot break and I want this so bad I want that feeling of being wanted all the time to have that closeness I'd never had so if you read this and feel the same way or may be just a little bit curious for have wanted to bring your milk I would like to talk to you and maybe we can get better acquainted I look forward to receiving your messages and yes there is a lot more that you can do with the whole breast-feeding thing to get your milk but all going to that deeper when there is a woman that is interested in this matter thank you for taking the time to read I hope you find what you were looking for and just maybe it might be me
breastmilksucker breastmilksucker
36-40, M
Jan 18, 2013