Cant Do This Anymore!!>.

Im 13 years old and Ive done so much crazy ****.
Thats not the bad part though! I dont like that my parents catched me redhanded doing alot of these bad things! im embarrassed to even show my face.. got caught doing stuff sending pictures to my moms work friends son so at her work everyone knows. umm smoking pot with my big brothers friends. first time they caugh me high was when u was 10years old umm and sometime i leave without asking and come back when i want. lost my virginity at age 11.
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Becca don't be so hard on yourself beautiful! Everyone makes mistakes. Some worse than others! Sounds to me like you are doing better. You have acknowledged that you messed up. You realize you've done things wrong and that's a good thing! We all learn from our mistakes!!! It sucks that we have to learn the hard way but that's what makes us a better person right? I guarantee you that your parents love you even though you've made mistakes!! We're they embarrassed, mad, sad, hurt by what you did? Maybe, maybe not. But they do love you and all you have to do is learn from what you've done and show them that you have matured :) stop stressing!! I'm sure you are a GREAT girl so don't beat yourself up about it. Learn from what you do and move on. Don't live in the past because it will only hurt you! :)

We've all done some things we're not proud of. Forgive yourself and start over. Sometimes, often the only person holding things against us. Apologize and make an amends. We're all just human and no one is perfect. Admitting our mistakes and wrongdoings and striving to do better is all that God asks of us.

You're very young and believe me when I tell you that the person you are today is not the person you will be when you're 40. You have so much learning and growing to do yet. You're just acting out and pushing the limits...trying to figure out who you really are. Don't be too hard on yourself...but try to be better next time. What else can we do, after all.