The Raging Storm Within

The Raging Storm Within

the storm rages on
like an untamed beast
dreaming of freedom long since gone
that has never found peace

the wind blows and howls
trees bending in pain
while bolts spit from the jowls
again and again

I walk, struggle in this
cover my face against the wind and rain
blood falls free from my fists
the storm giving life to my pain

I see you with him
in his arms, holding you tight
your face, the happy grin
while the sky dances with light

rain beats me
wind, I fight it away
I hate what I see
anger forces me to stay

I want to force this to stop
I want to profess love for you
the thunder crashes, unwilling, a lot
what is my love to do

thundering strikes, it is subdued
the storm within
rages it's spoken truths
my heart bleeds for you

I walk away broken
giving up the past
a future is my only token
as I lay my heart, a broken glass
Synzaic Synzaic
36-40, M
Jan 21, 2013