My Mom Buys Me Panties Bras & Dresses

mom buys me panties bras & dresses. & im a boy.
i just got a new short pink and white christmas dress with white panties and garter belt and white stockings with littel pink bows on them.

i never wore a dress this short and sluty in front of her.but i realy want to.
do you think i should. and what  would she  sey.

she lets me wear panties & dress every day.
imfuckindead imfuckindead
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wear it

Please get down on your knees

Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress!

Wear is sissygurl and enjoy, she knows you are a sissy. Why not let her take you all the way to gurlhood. You will be great on your knees!

What a wonderful Mom! I would hope that the two of you had a wonderful relationsip and I suspect you did.

As everyone else has said if u're mum is buying u a dress she wants to see u in it- I wish I was so lucky [make sure my mum buys me a button back dress please]. <br />
<br />
please also post pics of u in the dress <br />
<br />
If u do wear the dress infront of your mum I would expect her to buy u another dress at some point in the future- just warning u <br />
<br />

thanks robyn the beautiful

she probably wants to seeyou in it as badly as we do Luv!

you lucky girl if mum bought you a dress then wear it lets see

I will have to say the same as everyone else. Go for it and let us see ;)

I would have to agree with everyone else. If your Mom is buying them for you wear them in front of her. She wants to see you in them or she would buy you boy clothes. If you want to do it then do it. It will make your Mom feel good to know that you like what she bought you.

If that is what you want to do go ahead and do it . If they are buying it they already know so feel free and be yourself. Most people would not go though with it but do it.

Oh Lordie Hon. Wear that dress. One of the hardest, but, most important things you can do for YOURSELF, is have confidence! WHO CARES what anybody thinks or says. As long as you are happy, and not hurting anyone else,,,SCREW UM....<br />
Best of luck Honey. Now shave your legs, put on that dress, take some pictures and post them.<br />
<br />
XOXO<br />
<br />
Rachel Beth

i have a lot of pics

Here! Here! That's what I say! As long as you are happy, and no one gets hurt, then do it to it!