My Sons Future

My wife has passed away now, but I still have my son Joseph. He is 42 and ever since he was 12 I tought him to wear the prettiest things. Tights and skirts and mostly everything. His wife agrees with his dressing and that he looks cute and that it's good to have an all girls home. As they had a 10 year old daughter named Cassandra. He was influenced even more by the things his family wore everyday and loved it. He usually visited me every month or so and we chatted about the things he started to wear. About a month ago, he asked me about S.R.S (Sex Reassignment Surgery) and if he should get it to make his wife more excited to have a house of girls. I told him it would be a great suprise and that he should do it the day of her birthday. She is having her birthday this week and I am giving luck to my son that he will make it through the surgery and live as the woman he wanted to be.
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It is obvious he appreciates all the support you have given her all her life.

This is such an interesting and rare story. It's unusual that the son felt comfortable enough to go to his dad and share this part of himself. I hope the dad is now enjoying time with his new daughter :)

WOW this brought a tear, what a wonderful gift I hope for all of the best in life for her.

great to hear the son has family and parental support <br />
<br />
good luck to him/ her

Good luck to her<br />
Hugs<br />

It is really great to have family support especially from a parent.