Guys Are So Easy....

When I originally agreed to go camping with my Hubby and his buddies I had no idea that I would be the only woman going with the four men. They all claimed that the other three women had intended to go but that they had all backed out at the last moment. My hubby eventually begged me to go with him.

Well, **** it, I wasn’t going to stay home all by myself for a whole week just because of the other girls backing out. I was going with the boys and I was going to enjoy myself too. I liked all of my hubby’s friends and I always had a great time whenever we were together.

I took great care to pack just my sexiest outfits. I only took bikini tops and no bras, I took only thong panties, and I took things that the boys could either see through, look down, or look up. I was going to be the only girl there and I was going to be the desire of them all. I had seen the way that they all looked at me, I had felt their hands on my ***, and I had heard what they whispered in my ear too whenever my hubby wasn’t around. I knew that they all wanted to **** me. If my hubby didn’t want to share me with them then he was going to have a very hard time because I intended to let them all **** me.

We were taking off right after work on Friday, driving for several hours, and not coming back for eight and a half days. The guys had rented a cabin on a lake in the wilderness. They were told that there wouldn’t be another camper within twenty miles of us. I had a smile on my face the whole way there. During the last hour all I saw was trees, trees, and more trees. The driver kept telling us that it was just a little ways further and then we would just laugh at him. I was in the back seat between my hubby and the best looking guy there named Tim. I just bounced around between them as the van hit dips in the dirt road. We certainly were out in the wilderness that was for sure.

Finally we arrived at the cabin and I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom. There wasn’t one. I had to use the outhouse. Then there wasn’t any toilet paper either. Damn it! I called to my Hubby and Tim came to see what I wanted instead. I told Tim that I needed a roll of toilet paper and he just smiled at me and said that it would cost me. He always says that, so I said okay what do you want. He wanted a look at my ****. Okay! I had planned on doing some topless sunbathing the next day anyway so why not start right then. I lifted up my T-shirt and showed him my 34-C boobs. He came right back with a roll of toilet paper. I smiled because I could see the bulge in his shorts.

When I got back to the van it was empty. The guys had moved everything into the cabin including my stuff. The cabin itself was just one big room with several bunk beds built into the one end. I chose the top bunk on the right and my hubby chose the one right under me. He put our sleeping bags on our bunks. I noticed that the other guys all took bottom bunks too.

The guys got the propane stove to work and fixed some baked beans and hotdogs to eat. They even got the propane refrigerator and the propane lamps to work. They were proud of themselves. All they did was read the directions and follow them. It wasn’t Rocket Science.

I told the guys that I wanted to watch the sun set over the lake. The guys laughed at me but Tim accompanied me to the shore and found us a nice log to sit on. The sunset was pretty enough but as I sat there next to Tim I decided to shiver just a little and see what he would do. Guys are so easy. He put his arm around me and I snuggled my breast into his side. Slowly and cautiously like a thief in the night he moved his hand down to rest gently on my other breast. I had shown them to him and now he wanted to feel them too. Guys are so easy. Well two could play at that game. I rested my hand on his crotch. As he grabbed my soft boob I grabbed his hard ****. He slipped his hand down my neck into my T-shirt and cupped one of them in his hand. I slipped my hand up his shorts to grab a hold of his **** too. Together we fondled one another. Then I just stood up, pulled my T-shirt up over my head, and then I stood there letting him admire my ****. He didn’t move so I bent over and started tugging on his shorts. In a flash they were lying on my T-shirt. We kissed and he fondled me some more. Finally he removed his shirt and then he was slipping my shorts down my legs too. Before long we were both on the ground and his **** was inside of me. My legs were wrapped around his waist and he was grunting hard. I smiled knowing that he was having the time of his life ******* me. However, he wasn’t giving me any pleasure in return. He certainly would the next time though. After he finished ******* in me I went to the outhouse to clean out before going back into the cabin.

On my way back I paused outside of one of the cabin windows and listened before going back inside.

Tim said, “you were absolutely right. She let me feel her up and then she let me **** her right there on the shore as the sun set.”

Hubby said, “I told you guys that my girl wouldn’t let us all go a week without sex.”

Dan and Sam chimed in with, “I want a turn too.”

Upon hearing that I took off my T-shirt and my shorts again and then I carried them in my hand as I entered the cabin wearing only my shoes.

At first they were dead silent and just staring at me with their mouths open, then they all started cheering loudly, and finally they started to get undressed too.

I said, “Okay boys here are the rules. First you have to ask me for sex, tell me which hole you want to *** in, and then you have to tell me where you want to do it. Then second, if I do say that it’s okay you have to make me *** first. Oh yeah and third I don’t have to cook or clean up either. Understood?”

All four boys were holding their erect penises as they said, “Understood!”

I then walked over to Dan’s sleeping bag, beckoned him to me, and lay down on it. With his buddies watching him I got my ***** licked and my **** stroked until I had three *******. I didn’t want him to get away with it too easy. The truth was that I had one ****** just as soon as he touched my ****. Once I was satisfied I let him poke his **** in me so that he could satisfy himself. Luckily they were all hung about the same. That way I didn’t have a desire for one **** over another. Dan satisfied himself in me pretty quickly and then he got up. I had learned to contract my ***** muscles to expel most of the *** that guys left in me, so I contract my ***** muscles and left most of his *** right there in his sleeping bag.

I moved over to Sam’s bed and then beckoned him to me. I told him that he didn’t have to lick my ***** with Dan’s *** in there but that he could suck on my nipples and finger my **** to make me ***. He did a very good job too and I really enjoyed it. He then ****** me quite gently. It was something that I hadn’t really expected from Sam. When he was all done I left most of his *** in his sleeping bag too.

Next I moved over to my hubby’s sleeping. He was putting on a show for his buddies but I didn’t care as long as I was on the receiving end. He kissed my neck giving me chills, he nibbled on my sensitive nipples, he kissed my belly, and then he racked his teeth on my **** until I had two wonderful *******. For his friend’s benefit I let out a few good moans. Then he used my body for his own fulfillment. I made my usual deposit and moved over to Tim’s bunk asking him if he was read again. He certainly was.

That first night I let all four of them **** me twice and then I teased the hell out of them for not being up to doing it again.

The next morning I didn’t even bother to get dressed at all. What was the difference? I was just going to ***** and let them **** me anyway. I got up before the guys did, went to the outhouse, and then climbed on my hubby’s ****. I love his morning erections.

Right after breakfast I took a swim in the lake. Tim joined me and wanted a *******. Later Dan and Sam wanted to double-team me. Hell, I was up for anything at that point so I sat on Dan’s **** and let Sam feed his **** into my ***. Oh God that was such a full feeling that I knew that I would be trying that again before the week was up

I decided to get a little competition going and told the other two boys how many ******* that I had received. Dan and Sam had given me two while hubby and Tim gave me three. As I suspected they promised to do better the next time. Guys are so easy.

I was on vacation and loving every minute of it. I didn’t have to cook, do the dishes. It was great being the only woman with four horny guys. I would have to really thank hubby when we got home, for helping me set it all up. Between the two of us we put doubt in the other three girl’s heads and set it up so that I would be the only girl there. Hubby  knew that I wanted to **** all of his buddies and he was okay with it.

By mid week I had all the boys trained as to what I liked, how I liked it, and how hard I wanted it. I treated them as if I was a schoolteacher and they were my students. I made them do it over and over again until I felt they were ready to move on to the next task. I assigned homework and gave them things to memorize. I wanted each of them to know more about me than they did about their own girls, like my birth date, my middle name, and my clothing sizes. I wanted them to know what size bra, panty, pants, and blouses that I wore. I wanted them to know my favorite colors, my favorite flowers, and my favorite places to eat. I wanted them to subconsciously feel free to purchase me stuff, wine me and dine me, and take me out on dates behind their girl’s backs. Whenever they ****** their girls I wanted them to think about ******* me. Each guy licked every square inch of my body that could possibly be reached by their tongue. I felt just like a queen.

By the end of that vacation I really hated to go back to civilization, back to cooking and cleaning, and back to work. I knew one thing for certain, that my sex life would never go back to normal.

When the other girls asked me about the experience I told them about the smelly outhouse, the huge blood thirsty mosquitoes, and trying to get any privacy at all with all of the guys around. I only smiled on the inside when they replied that they would never do it. Then they actually praised me for putting up with their boy’s bullshit for the entire time.

Before we left the cabin the boys had split me up and filled my calendar for the next two months. I would get to go out to dinner, movies, dancing, and drinking in exchange for sex that I would willing give them anyway
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I wish my wife would let herself do that. You're awesome

What has happened since? Been three years. Would love to go on a fishing trip with you!!!

I think you guy's are fantastic,very hot story.

Wow,what a hot story.I would love my wife to have that kind of control over other that she thinks are attractiveand will do whatever she wants them to do.