Not An Option

I hate that I ever allowed myself to be hurt, I will never again allow myself to be someones option. I want someone who makes me one of thier priorities, who loves me with everything in them as I do them. I am a very loving faithful person and I am looking for the same in whom ever I choose to share my life with.
I want someone who wants to be with me as much as I do them, someone willing to put forth their all and expect the same in return. I want someone who loves the good and bad in me, as we all have it.

I was once told life is not all about me and I have never been one to think or try and make it all about me but the above is not an option, its a requirment so if that makes me all about me so be it.
specks77 specks77 36-40, F 3 Responses Nov 22, 2012

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To put ourselves in a position to be hurt is so silly, but even knowing that it a risk, we still go ahead. I guess it is when our heart takes over our mind.

I second 1goodguy's opinion. When there is a failure in a relationship both parties and neither are to blame - it takes both to make it work.

Having failed in my marriage - I have been lucky enough to find the most wonderful lady and the great thing about our relation ship is that we don't have to MAKE it work - it just works all by itself. I am truly a very lucky man.

Life may not be "all about you" but your heart is!!!! Everyone deserves to be with someone who will put them first in life. When that happens, it becomes natural to do the same back.