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By allowing this it would improve a boys attiude and self confidence.If a boys so desire is to dress and or want to be a girl,then yes he should be allowed. Not allowing him his girl time can and most likely will cause depression
and behavioral problems and yes,even suicide.If the parents will allow his girl time,he should and must follow any rules the parents set up.The parents should allow him this freedom for this is who he was born to be.No amount of denying or punishing him will make it go away.We as crossdressers are just being our selfs.Just what is so wrong with a boy in a dress?
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I so wish that I could start over, and to be raised in a friendlier and accepting environment.<br />
I tried to imagine what it would be like to have had my girl time as a youngster. Today I am sure that I would not have been alone in this quest for freedom. Looking back, over half of my friends would have worn a dress on those hot summer days. Everyone one seemed to have the desire, but were so afraid. After all, it was not long after WWII, and many families (like mine) believed in a strict military discipline, starting off with boys are boys and girls are girls. <br />
I have hope for the next generation. Who knows, perhaps this will be a solid step towards peace and love. I sound like a 60's hippy, but maybe they were right after all.<br />
We shall see.

Actually in around 1875 women used to dress their sons as girls or in boy dresses and pantaloons or girls panties too and to the age of breeching eg they got their short trousers and then long ones when newly 16 and kilt suits with Eton collars were popular too and the 1947 film 'Life With Father' featured a six year boy in a kilt dress and he wore pants too and other dresses too but I can't remember because it is a very long while since I viewed it.<br />
There is an old English custom of putting naughty boys in to dresses and hair ribbons'pretties too and hosiary'Mary Jane buckled shiny black shoes as well as petticoats and blouses or bras and in extreme cases the boy had both his ears pierced and spent anywhere from three months to ten years as a girl until he grew a brain and stopped his war like ways.(This terminlogy is deemed as 'Petticoat Discipline or Training)*<br />
An unmarried aunt of means usually is the one to girlify and boisterous and naughty boy but it can make a 'soft' boy gay orother spooky effects later in life.<br />
Some become kind hearted gentlemen and dote on their wives and family and end up in great jobs as do their wives too.

Nothing is wrong ith it at all

I would have love girly time at home but my parents were quite strict so I went for walks in the country with my girly stuff in a bag XXX

I totally agree with you Cindy, boys should be encouraged to explore the feminine world, given dresses and skirts, girl's toys too. It is very educational for them to learn how girls think and act, how better then letting them dress and play as girls.