So True

I don' know why I do this and possibly it is an OCD thing with me being left handed but I always put on my right sock first.... my right shoe first.... right stocking on first...even my right glove first.  I have no clue why but I do it. I am certain there is some mental issues involved.

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Ar, :)<br />
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Rog, U may be right.

Sure thing fg.

I love it. thank you.

Ok ill go look for it.

lmfao no mental issues haha<br />
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i am too ambidextrous so it doesnt matter to me there is no specific order

The one with the lion tamer.

What one was the funny one? the blue one or the facepalm one?

I need to research that. Will you put the funny lion back up please?

Right handed people or left handed people tend to use a certain side of their brain more. So it could possibly be that.

I think you are certainly right. :) I dreamed I killed someone last night. I need to put that in my dream journal. I am certainly messed up in the head. <br />
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Ar, You think it is a left handed thing.

Yeah, definitely big mental issues! xD

I am ambidextrous so it is just random what i put on first or do.