Almost Caught

In the days before I had a mobile phone I had to visit a town for a business meeting and stay overnight in a bed and breakfast. The day before the meeting I arrived early enough to search out the charity shops for lingerie. I couldn't find my favoured vintage nighties but I made do with a dress of silky fabric and took it back to the B&B. It was too small for me and I struggled to get into it. While I was wriggling to move it down my body the silk rubbed back and forth against my penis which immediately became rock hard. Just then the phone went downstairs; I wasn't expecting to be contacted so I didn't think it would be for me. In a minute or so the landlady knocked on the door with the phone in her hand saying it was a call from a colleague. I told her I was just dressing and panicking I got out of the dress with some difficulty and put my clothes back on. When I finally opened the door to her I was very hot and bothered and it was obvious to her I was pleasuring myself but not exactly how I was doing it. If this was the world of internet fiction she would have cooed "let me help you with that" and reached out for my engorged ****. As it was she just gave me an icy stare and handed me the phone.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

LOL Great story! If that had been me I would probably have forgotten to lock the door and she would have barged in!

Yes, whenever I have to go anywhere on business I always try to the trip worthwhile by hitting the local charity shops ;)