Yesterday the sister in law came around 2 pick summit up she left so I went and put my leggings on and knew nothing more then she came bk in 2 get her glasses I just sat and watched telly moved so she didn't see the leggings then she left didn't even look at me so glad her glasses where on the table. God knows what she would of said
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Leggings are unisex anyway, not really a CD item unless they are floral, have frilly accents or pink etc. Wouldn't let it bother you next time. I'd wear them in front of others from now on so they are used to seeing you in leggings.
I wear men's sports leggings. Mainly compression based and used for my runs and cycling. I wear them in public, and around the house and if someone comes over and queries it, my reply is because I've been out riding or running. It usually satisfies their curiosity and the subject gets dropped. But if someone asks why not sweat pants, I usually say they don't breathe very well and induce chaffing and I don't find them comfortable.
Buy some under armor leggings for men, wear those around the house and if your SIL asks, tell her the above reasons. Chances are she won't notice or care.

I got just 3 black leggings and 1 atmosphere leggings there flowery