Last Friday

Hello, I live in shanghai and am finishing up highschool. Last friday something pretty ****** happened to me. i wanted to tell someone, so here i am. last friday scared me the most because i almost got alcohol poisoning, according to what my friends said. I don't remember any of the night. I remember pre partying and having 4 or 5 whiskey cokes, going home and passing out then sneaking out again at midnight. getting to the club, having about 6 or 7 more whiskey cokes, chugged, in one sitting, then having a shot of i dont even know what with some random guy , then i remember feeling like throwing up so i put my fingers down my throat, threw up a few times, then went to get more drinks. i remember i was alone by this point, my friends said i ran away from them and i did not have a phone. i remember the bartender telling me to stop drinking. then i dont remember anything, but al my friends and alot of people at school do. they said i was throwing up the night, had to be carried, could not walk at all, was crying and crying and screaming that all boys suc (ha) and to never love a man because they always leave, and I was accusing people of things they never did. alot of the older boys had to carry me because I could not walk at all. At one point I was apparently lying on the side of the road crying. my friend said she saw some men holding me and were about to take me to their van door, and then my friends ran over and thankfully some of the alumni boys from school were there so I didn't end up getting into that van. Not that i remember any of this. its almost as if this night did not exist or i was not there, just a total memory blank.. Then they said i kept on passing out, nad had to be carried everywhere. I peed on the street in front of all the boys. I kept on crying. I couldn't remember my home address and no one knew it, then they said I had a seizure. They didn't know what to do, if they should call a hospital.. have my parents find out what had happened and that I wasn't even at home all night. Apparently I was still breathing, os they decided to bring me to a friends house. I woke up not knowing where I was, and at 9 am. I had to get home. It was the most horrible night of my life. And I've been through a lot. And it's been a week since then, and I am still throwing up. I don't know what's wrong with me - I usually drink a fair bit, half the nights out end up with my throwing up the next morning half the time. But last weekend was bad. But I didn't get alcohol poisoning - does anyone know what's wrong with me now? Would really appreciate anyones advice, x This is all really ******* frightening to me because as I said, I'm still in highschool. I'm not ready for this **** yet, and I did it all sort of too fast. Experienced it all too quick. And now i need help. So please, if you can, help meĀ 
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18-21, F
May 5, 2012