I Woke Up Not Breathing. It Was The Scariest Yet Happyst Day Of My Life

2002 When I was in grade 2 I woke up in the middle of the night not breathing. It was the most scary but happyest night of my life. Scary becouse I almost died. Happy becouse I remember playing "I spy with my little eye" with my mum. It's my fravorit child memory. And on the plus side I got to stay home from school the next day and play with my "My
little ponney castel".

This is not the first time I woke up not breathing. When I was 2 I had Crupe. Wich is a cold or flew that Babys get And when you lay down ilyour air way closes up making it extremly difficult or even impossible to breath. My Mum had come in to check on me and I was blue from not breathing. I was rushed to the hospital in a ambulance.
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Thank God for delivering you. How lucky you are to be the beloved of God