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I read a few stories on here and decided to share my own. I don't know what prompted me to recap on my near-death experience, as this happend several years ago. That was t  the 2nd time I had been in the hospital for high blood sugar levels, and after the horrendous experience, it was going to be my last. The first time I was in the hospital, it was due to partial blindness from diabetes. I remember waking up one day and unable to see past a few feet ahead of me. It was literally a white blur. I kept rubbing my eyes, wondering what was going on. I hadn't ate in 3 days, as I had no hunger, and drank several large big gulps of water every hour it seemed. I simply could not get enough water. My mouth felt like cotton and I was so tired. I woke up every couple of hours to drink my water, go to the bathroom, before going back to sleep.  My mother called and I told her what was wrong. She thought it could be diabetes. I asked her if she could come get me and my son and take us to the hospital. The nurse gave me an eye test, which I could no see and I asked her to test me for diabetes. I stayed for a few days and I walked out of the hospital with a large paper bag full of pills, needles, a machine, and paper instructions. I was taking as much prescription as my grandmother and it depressed me.

I told myself I didn't have diabetes and I was going to fight this. A year later, my stupidity nearly cost me my life. I was literally going through the dying process and didn't know it. I remember my son waking me up because he was hungry. I kept telling him a few more minutes before going back to sleep. He kept waking me and I tried to get up and my head and my body felt like a million pounds. It took TREMENDOUS amount of effort to hold myself up or turn over. I hadn't ate or drank for awhile (days?). When I finally sat up, my heart rate speeded up and was enough to hurt my chest and feel like I was going to have a heart attack. My eyes felt strange, like it was going to bug out. I started crying. I felt like I was dying. I could not get to the phone and started worrying about my son. What if I didn't make it? I didn't want him trapped in the apartment with me - you know. It's hard to talk about this... I thought for sure, this was it. However, I looked at him and kept crying. I needed help, but he needed me more. I leaned on the chair beside my bed to help me up. I don't know how I made it to the living room, but I needed assistance to remain standing. I collasped (not faint) and my mother called again (she was heaven sent). My son was only a few years old and he grabbed the phone and gave it to me. I told her I feel like i'm dying. She rushed to get me again and take me back to the hospital.

I sat in that emergency room before they came and got me. My mother's boyfriend told them I was a diabetic and need help urgently. They put me in a wheel chair and all I remember is I woke up on top of the emergency bed, with several nurses rushing to put IV's in me. They could not find a suitable vein. They put this tube in my neck with several tubes within it! One of the nurses got on the phone, and said something over the intercom, while another nurse said something about my heart. I think she said I've messed it up, i'm not sure. I was too weak to care about all the needles and tubes coming in and out of my body. I could not answer their questions very well, and I think I was hallucinating. I'm not sure what I heard or what's been said. I thought a few figures in the room before realizing a couple of times no one was there. I was unusually frightened by sudden, but ordinary movements from nurses passing by. I wish I could explain it better, but I do remember fear from things not there.  I was in ICU first for a couple of days, then was transferred to another unit. When i came to, I saw my son and missed him. I couldn't hold him and really wanted to. I walked around the bed everyday, in hopes, of showing the nurses i'm getting better. I was there in that hospital for a week, before I begged them to let me go. After 2 days, my doctor reluctantly said it was ok, as long as I take her number and we keep in touch until everything was fine. She said she will be calling frequently and needed to see me every week! I agreed.

I've learned my lesson. My grandmother sat with me for a couple of days to show me there is nothing to fear. My mother taught me everything else. Unfortunately, my mother died a few years later from diabetes complications. She was only 49 years old when she was  found dead on her floor. This was probably why I am here telling my story. She died June 11th 2008 around 10pm at night. To be honest, we were on the phone with her that day asking how she was. She said fine, but tired. She was going to pick up her husband (then boyfriend) in a few. Her husband called us around 11pm and said she had not picked him up and he can't get ahold of her. We took him home and found her in the room.  I wished I could have been there to help her like she has saved me. I miss her terribly. For the first time, I am truly mourning her death. It has forced me to re-live my near death experience from diabetes.  I have realised the importance and fragility of life and i'm very thankful that G-d has blessed us as we have a lot to really be thankful for (diabetes has been well controlled) and HE have blessed me with another son. Thanks for reading my story!

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I did that too, when I was 19. I was diagnosed at 14. It wasn't so much that I thought I could beat it as it was my utter inability to comprehend that it really could kill me. I got to where you were, I heard the doctors say they were "losing her." I made a real effort to come back, because I had gotten beyond the point of caring, but I realized that I wanted to live some more.<br />
<br />
Not pleasant, but it does give you an appreciation of life, and the seriousness of the issue for us Type Ones. I'm glad you are doing well. It's been almost 30 years since my near death experience, and I've never been that close again.