Not The Closest Brush With Death, But Close Enough To Scare Me

I was probably 4 or 5, when my mom her boyfriend (now stepdad) and now step brother where eating spaghetti. Al (my stepdad) was on the phone and my mom was preoccupied with the convo. and the tv. All I remember is laughing and then not being able to breathe. I had inhaled a piece of meat and was now choking on it. I tried to get their attention but because I joke around like that a lot (even put ketchup on "owwies") they thought I was just goofing off. I remember Al saying stop im on the phone, and then my mom yelled "she's turning blue", he quickly got off the phone and gave me the Heimlich, and had he not I likely would of choked to death. The feeling of not being able to breath, not because your holding your breath but because something is logged in your throat is likely one of the more scary moments of my life.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

i almost choked on a marble when i was 5 years old. it was really scary because i knew that any wrong movement from me would either cause it to go out or swallowed. i think meat is more difficult to do heimlich with because theyre not really that hard. so i think ure fortunate.

yea I don't even think my stepdad was trained in the heimlich, maybe instinct just takes over, some guy named heimlich just probably gave it a title lol jk