Tonsilectomy Fun

Two years ago I got my tonsils taken out. Luckily it wasn't very painful as long as I made sure to take my medicine on time everytime even if I had to wake up and take it. It was just like having a bad sore throat. Not only did I find out I'm allergic to Lortab, I almost died on my dad's birthday. My mom had gotten an ice cream cake so I could eat some an we decorated the top of it. My dad went to feed the cows at the farm, being January my sister, boyfriend and I stayed at the house. I was craving some chocolate so I took a drink of some chocolate soy milk and then had to go to the bathroom. I had heartburn all day that day too which is very unusual for me I almost never get heartburn. I though I felt something trickle down my throat so I grabbed some toilet paper and held my head down. I just remeber seeing blood and freaking out. I started yelling at my mom that I was bleeding. That made me bleed more. I started hemorrhaging from the artery that feeds your tongue. My parents live in a very rural town that is 10 minutes away from everything. We jumped in the car and she floored it. I don't remember the ride to the hospital I just remember getting there and walking in. I was already turning grey by the time we got there. The nurses were standing at the desk then they all flocked around me. I ended up with a 16 gauge IV(for those of you who don't know that's really big) in each forearm. I ended up getting 2 bags of fluid run as fast as it would go and having emergency surgery. I got to go home that same night though and will never forget how scary it was and seeing my parents and my sister crying.
Sweetroll88 Sweetroll88
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2011