Car Wreck...

My senior year of highschool, a couple weeks before prom. I'd just gotten a new car a few weeks before, from my dad, because... Well, I'd wrecked the other one I had...

I was attempting to turn left onto a highway, stopped at a stop sign. Across the highway, a traintrack ran alongside it. Some dumbass comes across the tracks, and doesn't stop at *his* stopsign before dashing across the highway... Keep in mind, I was already partway into my turn, when I had to stop in the middle of the highway for him. Because of having to stop, I didn't have enough time to finish my turn, and got plowed into, on the driver's side of the nose of my car, by a suburban doing at least 65 miles an hour.

My car spun, round and round... And I ended up to the side of the stopsign, on the left side of the highway, on the shoulder. I screamed, because I knew I was 'in trouble' now, and I knew I'd been hurt. I tried to get out of the car, but then I realized there was fire, coming out from a 'bubble' in the hood, made by the impact. I started freaking out, and at first didn't think I'd be able to walk, to get out of the car, but I got out, and some neighbors helped me into their house. They'd already called 911, and they got my mom's number from me... The accident was less than half a mile from my parents' house.

Mom got there before the ambulance did. I couldn't stop saying sorry to the lady that'd been driving the suburban, who was unhurt... I couldn't move my leg, and already, it'd swollen up enough that I couldn't have taken my jeans off if I had wanted to. The lady started cussing me out, and my mom stepped in, telling her it was HER F*ing daughter that just got hurt, and she wasn't going to stand there and let the lady ***** me out. (One of the very few times I've been so proud to call her my mother.)

The ambulance came, put an 'air cast' on me, and rushed me to the ER. I didn't break my leg, but I'd bruised it so badly that the doc said to use crutches for a week or two. After half a day, I quit using them, though the bruising in my leg made the 'impacts' of merely walking agonizing.

I was also left with a bruise, across my chest, from my seatbelt. If I hadn't been wearing it, I would have probably been thrown from the car, and I'd be dead now.

Its late. I'm gonna go to bed now.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2008

whoa... scary. I was in a VERY minor accident while pregnant with my first child. hit by a woman who thought she had right of way. NOWHERE NEAR as scary as yours!

Glad you made it through...