My Son and I

I awoke at 4 in the morning. I had to pee really bad. That was nothing. I was 37 weeks pregnant. So I went to the restroom, relieved myself and returned to bed. It happened again at 6 am. That was a little strange. around 8:30 am my husband left to go help mow and rake his grandmother's yard. He kissed me good bye as I headed, again, for the restroom. I decided to stay up to clean house a little, when I noticed that I was getting an unusual dull ache, like a tire around my middle. I changed my mind and and sat down. I timed  the aches from then until 11:00 am. They were still 15 minutes apart, but the hourly bathroom trips were making me insane, so I called my doctor. He said it did not sound too serious, but to come in by 2pm. That was three hours away. So I called my husband, who was 20 minutes away and told him what the doctor had said. He had me to the hospital in 30 minutes. The doc checked and sure enough my water was leaking. luckily he had wheels on his stool or he'd have been drenched. They gave me something to get contractions going. And I refused the epidural. By a quarter past 2, I was growing weak and they put me on oxygen. I knew it was serious by how EVERYONE was acting, but I felt so much at peace. With NO pain medicine and in full labor, I was in no discomfort at all. My baby boy's heart rate kept rising as mine kept dropping. But an angel must have been holding my hand. The doctor decided that I was not dilating quickly enough, and told my mother as the wheeled me past, that if we did not go now they would lose us both.

Now I have a healthy 8 year old, and gave natural birth, (and no pain killer), to 3 more beautiful children!

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2008

That's something to be thankful for...

Thanx, me too!

Intense! Glad that angel was on the ball...