Or I Should Say I Was Almost Killed

two weeks ago today I decided to hang out with one of my classmates and help her find a birthday present for her boyfriend since I didnt have anything else to do. Seeing as she is from out of state, I pick her up from her dorm and take her to the mall to see if we would have any luck, unfortunately we didnt by the time it started to get late so I was going to take her home and we would try again another day. Well I decide to drive the route that I am most familiar with. I'm driving down one of the main highways and I reach an intersection where another highway crosses over it, in order to get onto the other highway you have to cut across acouple lanes of traffic. That's easy right? Well not as easy when its 9:30pm and you are being blinded by incoming traffic. I guess that was what happened when that car cut in front of me 30 feet away. I was driving a stick shift that I had just learned how to operate, and even though I slammed on my brakes I couldn't stop in time and I drove my little nissan 200sx in to the side of his '97 cadillac at 50 mph. The speed limit is 45mph so I wasnt really going that fast but he was so close. My car went airborn and swerved off the side into the access lane to get on the other highway. Both airbags deployed and smoke started pouring into the car. When we came to a stop I heard my classmate whimpering because she couldn't breathe. The seat belt cut into her stomach. And into my neck. I knew i had to let the smoke out so i opened my door and tried to get hers open but i couldn't. I sat their in the car holding her because I couldn't get her out. I thought I killed her. When the police showed up i was still holding her in the car. I was in a lot of pain but I was still in shock so i couldnt tell how bad I was. The police basically forced us out of the car because it was smoking so bad. We had to drag her out through the passenger door. It wasn't five minutes later that my car was on fire. The ambulances arrived and took me and my classmate away. She escaped with contusions to her stomach and chest, as well as a burn on her leg and a laceration on her foot. I ended up with contusions to my legs, arm, and chest; a burn on my face; and I had nearly dislocated all of my ribs from my breast bone. I'll be on pain killers for the next month so I can function properly. The other driver was only a couple years older then me. I believe he is alright. He refused treatment.
CrowsCaw CrowsCaw
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2011