Almost Died After Surgery

For several years I had stomach problems. I wasn't sure what was was wrong with me but was sure it was something more than GERD, which is like reflux and heartburn. Thats what my doctor said it was. Eventually I started having other problems. Whenever I would eat, especially greasy food, I would have pain in my upper back (it felt like I was being stabbed in that spot) and under my rib cage, then I would throw up. I, of coarse, avoided foods that made me sick but eventually it happened every time I ate anything :'( After another trip to the doctor I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. They thought I had a gall bladder problem so they did a test with nuclear stuff. I actually felt a little better before they finally did it so of course, they didn't find anything significant and I was sent home. At this point I was depressed and sick again. When I went back to the doctor, I had to see somebody else. When I told him my problem he said , "Sometimes things happen and we just have to deal with it.". I was pissed off and told him to go back to Canada if he can't diagnose American problems, or to at least admit that he doesn't know everything, instead of acting like it's in my head. Then I walked out. No disrespect is intended for Canadians, just him! Anyways, after I told my regular doctor what he said, he sent me to a specialist who decided it was my gallbladdar after all. They removed it and it did help some. During the surgery, they did other tests and seen that my ducts were clogged and I also had pancreatitis (that's where part of your pancreas dies from infection) and I would need an ERCP (that's where they put stints inside your ducts to open them up). I had to go to a different hospital for this. It was equipped for that type of surgery. It was very painful, so I was doped up on pain meds the whole time but after a couple days they sent me home. Two days later I started feeling dizzy and weak and felt like I would pass out. Just having surgery, I called my mother and she took me to the hospital and I was soon admitted because I had internal bleeding. I spent 3 days at that hospital then was sent back to the one where they did the surgery. I was as white as a sheet and had zero energy. I was bleeding to death and they didn't know why. They did many tests but couldn't find anything. They scheduled me for a study that required me to swallow a camera that would take pictures of my insides. It was a last resort because it was very expensive. However, the bleeding stopped before they did it and I was able to go home. They said it was a mystery and if I had that happen again, they would use the camera. That's was a couple years ago and, though it hasn't happened again, I have had intestinal infections that involved severe pain, and can only eat a maximum of 30g of fat for the rest of my life. It makes you appreciate food a little more.:-) Sorry this is so long, if you made it this far, but just maybe my long story might help someone else who is in a similar situation. I must admit, if I had listened to that doctor, I would be dead right now.
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This sounds like a nightmare that you went through. I am glad you are better and I hoe you stay that way.

Thank you for your concern. I am much better now. Hopefully my story will help someone else going through a similar nightmare.

Thanks. We've come a long way but there are still mysteries.

Wow, what we don't know about the human body is just shocking. I am glad you are still with us. *hugs* j