Not Almost I Did....

10 months ago, June 29, 2011 I was in a head on car accident at a combined impact speed of 100+ MPH, and survived. I was in a medically induced coma in a hospital here in Virginia. On July 7, my wife's birthday, with her there at the bed side, I actually died. There were several more days when the Doctors wouldn't give good odds of my seeing much more daylight. Of course I was revived.

Though I have no direct knowledge of or recall of it, I do appiriciate life and living so much more now than ever before as I continue my recovery at home.

There was one other occasion during the 4 month hospital stay that was a close call. The nurse was in doing something and for what ever reason I simply stopped breathing and I was awake,alert and "stalled out" thankfully the nurse WAS there and I am still alive...
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It wasn't your time. I'm happy that you are still with us.