I Shouldnt Be Here Today

I was 11 years old and had visited Iran with my Mother, Father, and brother who is 3 years older than I am. We were staying in the city of Boushehr which is the city  where my mother was born. Her entire family lived there, entire family being my 4 uncles, and 4 aunts, along with my endless number of cousins. The first week went by, and everything seemed fine. The food was great, the city was  great, I had no complaints. That was until a week later I began to realize I was feeling funny. I had lost my sense of appetite, and had constant diarrehea. Constant meaning, nearly every 20 minutes. I threw up everything I was forced to eat, which wasnt much. Soon, I was in  condition where I could no longer get up, all I did was sleep, nearly 20 hours a day. My family would forcefull wake me up to give me soggy rice, which apperently is good for you when you're sick. To be honest, I do not remember much of the 2 months trip, and have nothing but photos of me laying basiacally dead on a bed made for me on the floor in my grandparents home. There were doctors who would have to come visit me, and they would sit by me and pray for me with my family. When I ask them today if I thought I was going to make it, they said no. They also told me that I would wake up and scream as if I was a different person, and I would use my legs to kick anyone who tried feeding me. They told me I would curse, and it all reminds me of hte exercism movie. I had lost nearly 20 pounds, and my weight then when I was 11 was 70-80 pounds, so I was underweight. All i remember, was comming to Canada on a plane, and it was truly a miralce that I made it. I feel as if I cheated death, or was half way to the after life. Today, I encounter many weird and unxplainable things. I wake up being touched on the neck by something, I see black things passing by the mirrors quickly that look like long capes, and I see apparitions. Also, I have a photo of me being touched by a ghost on my shoulder. My mom took it to a physcic who is also her friend, and he said there is an angel looking after me. All i know though is that, I shouldnt have been here today.
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I've learned that everyone has a purpose and only God knows what that purpose is. Seek him and he'll show you what it is. I'll be praying for you.

Im guessing it just wasn't my time :)

I'm glad it wasn't :)

I can't say I've been in any "near death experiences," but I can say that I've been through times where I questioned the point of living (my ex-wife leaving with our children is one of them), but God has brought me through it and he's building me up day by day in his strength.

i'm so glad you have faith

wow :) that's very nice to hear. Im happy for you, yet very sorry about your wife and kids.

Thank you. It's been over 2 1/2 years so the only thing that gets to me is the fact that I don't live with my kids anymore. Believe it or not I'm actually better off without my ex (although I couldn't see that at the time). We don't always live in the valleys, but I've learned that they help us appreciate what we do have when we come out of them :)

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Did you ever find out what caused you to be sick in the first place?

yes, the water made me sick