Closing My Eyes

When I was 15 I overdosed on pills. Darvacet, Somas, and purple Zanies to be exact. I had taken the the first two pills before I left the house that day and headed for a friends house. When I got there I bought the Zanies from her aunt and took them while we were on a ride to her cousin's work place. A couple of hours later I with her and few more of our friends when they dumped me out her house by myself because they had a 5th of whiskey to drink and didn't know what to do with me. Well I guess my friends cousin had found out about it and came out to get me. She dropped me off at the local hang out and went to get my mom. When she showed up I could barely talk because my tongue had swollen up. Most of this I don't remember but my sis updated me after it all took place. My mom and my sis got me in the car and we headed to the hospital. They said I was in the floor board looking for my tweezers so I could pluck my eyebrows! I also kept trying to fall asleep and my sis was having to tickle me every so often to keep me awake. On the way to hospital we ran into a wreck and police officer stopped us. My mom told him what had happened to me and he said he would get an ambulance to met us at a nearby town. When we got to ambulance, the said I had stepped out of the car and the paramedic caught me right before I smacked the ground and had to carry me to the ambulance. While in the ambulance the only thing I remember is trying to fall asleep and him jabbing me in the chest with his finger to keep from it.( I had a bruise for 2 weeks from that) My mom had told me things like I cussed the nurses like dogs and they had to restrain me to gas my vains and put a catheder in. The doctors had said that my kidneys and liver was shutting down from the drugs. It was like a bad dream the next when I woke up until I saw my dad sitting across from me, my sister sleeping in a chair next to me and I was in the hospital bed. I could barely remember any of it. I had so many doctors and social workers come in and talk to me about suicide and I couldn't get it through their heads that it wasn't a suicide attempt. I was thrill seeking and look where it got me. I had to go to several drug/alcohol/substance/suicide councelling sessions. It was scary for me but I know it was scarier for the family members who had to wittness all of it.
Luci Luci
22-25, F
Apr 18, 2007