I Almost Died When I Was 3 Hou...

I almost died when i was 3 hours old!!!

When i was born it took the doctors such a long time to get me to breathe and had to be put on oxygen for a lil while to sort me out!

3 Hours after this i was put in my lil bed next to my mums n she fell asleep! Well i did make her have a bad time in labour!!! =-)
Little did she know was that lil baby me was in my cot choking!
I had actually turned purple my mums friend was just leaving to go home with her baby and saw me grabbed my foot swung me upside down and slapped my back!!!!

It took a while for me to actually sort my breathing out but im here now!!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
2 Responses May 1, 2007

I almost died when i was born too! I kinda... crapped.... a half our before i was born... in my mom....

:D :D you made me laugh, you scared me , you made me almost cry and also i was amazed ....You should be a writer you put all that on one page i wonder what youd do to a whole book...thank you for this story and bye.