I Almost Died In My Sleep

My boyfriend and i were living in an old yellow apartment building that looked like it was probably someones house forever ago. Nothing ever really worked right especially our heat so we invested in a space heater.... We turned it on like usual and went to bed. Almost two hours i wake up because i was soooo cold kicked my boyfriend and said "Get up and get me another blanket, im too tired to open my eyes to find one"
He flips on the light but nothing happened our power had gone out. He threw clothes on and at me so i could be warm then called the landlord. They flipped a few switches nothing happened except for a sound that went POP. I didnt think anything of it. We decided to tough it out for the night and fix it in the morning so we went back to bed.
An hour later i woke up because i could smell burning so i woke him up. Smoke had filled our room. We called the fire department and started grabbing things we couldnt replace.
When we could go back into our apartment we saw a black line of burning coming down the wall an inch from our headboard. They told us as soon as they got in our room a fire started inside the wall and we were lucky to be alive.
LoveWhitz LoveWhitz
26-30, F
Sep 24, 2012