Twice And Still

Back when i was 13 (witch was last year) in the summer i was sleeping over a friends house and he was a bit suicidal. So i don't remember every thing because i was knock-out for most of it. But was happed was he had put a cord around my neck while i was still asleep and then he strangled me with it till i passed out. Then he broke my ankle with a hammer and stabbed me 5 times. As soon as i woke back up he zip-tied my hands and feet together and tried to suffocate me with a trash bag. If I was not  put up against the wall on my back pack i would have died. I started to get really light headed from the bleeding and the part that i was suffocating. Right before i passed out for what i tought was the last time and that i was going to die. I was able to get a shot off with my cap gun(the one that make a really loud noise). Which saved my life. When the paramedics arrived i was dead. They managed to revive me. I still have the scars to this day.

This was no the last time i saw him. A few mounts later he broke into my house and tried to suffocate me again. I was defenseless my parents weren't home and i could barley walk still. He knocked me out with the cord again and then he taped my mouth shout and tied a knot around my neck and pulled the rest of the trash bag over my waist and tied me up. He waited to I struggled for air. He then lossed the neck and let more of the air that was trapped and then left me there to suffocate. He forgot to the the knot back up and i was able to breath for a little longer but he also tied it so if i fell over it would hang me so i ended up being hung till i pass out and to this day i don't How or why my friend came over. He cut the rope free and then the bag and gave me CPR. What he did not know was that the kid was still there he ended up in a medical induced coma and with 10 stab wounds and he took a baseball bat to the head for me. This time they put him in prison not home arrest with out a ankle brace-lit. To tell the truth i sometimes wish my friend didn't show up, i would rather be dead then see him in that much pain for so long.

P.S. He is ok
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Wow this is scary!!! have their been any news articles written about your story? I'm sorry you went through that..almost sounds like a story in a book.

we asked for there no to be any news articles.