Into The Sea

I was going on a trip with my older brother and nephews. It was a crabbing trip. Where you catch crabs with crab nets. The place was somewhere near San Francisco (Not the one under the bridge). We arrived there and it was cloudy and windy. The place had huge rocks where you climb on into the middle of the ocean. We climb the rocks and cast the nets. I would say about after an hour it started to sprinkle then really started pouring. Walking back on the rocks was harder because they became really slippery. I slipped. My brother saw me slipped and held my arm. I caught on to the rocks just after the slip. I can see the water below me and the rocks. I would say it was about 30 feet high at least. My brother screamed "Don't let go!. " At that point I know I was really in trouble. There was no way for him to pull me up cause the rocks gave no grip with the weird slime and seaweed on them. Then I told him to let go of my arm. I didn't want him to slip. He was like in the wtf moment. I screamed "Let go!." Told him to just let go cause I can't pull myself up with 1 hand. He finally let go. It was all me or nothing to pull myself up. Given how slippery the rocks were I manage to get up on the rocks. I don't know how I made it up but I almost died. If I fell I would of hit the rocks then get wash out into the sea with the waves.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Yikes! I'm so glad you lived.

thank god ur still here though

wow pretty intense. i would have probably panicked and messed up and died :P

Survival instinct kicked in. Things I thought I couldn't do I did it somehow. I had like grips of steel on those rocks.

lol congradulations