My Car Crash In Wisconsin

When I was only 18 I had my heart broke by my first love for the last time. I took off to Racine Wisconsin to find myself and a new life and to forget about him. I got heavily into drugs and drinking, *thank God I stopped*   and one night I got so trashed that I left with this guy and I didnt even know that he was trashed. We went head on into a telephone pole police said doing about 90 in a 35MPH area. The two guys took off and left thinking I was dead.. But I wasnt at that point. All i really remember is that I was calling for someone to help me because I couldnt move, or see cause my glasses were knocked off my face.... then a man pulled me out of the car onto the grass, he took his jacket off in the cold to put it on my gushing head wound...  then called 911... after that.... i remember looking up at the full moon and everything was fading and i was starting to feel like peacful and then I said God I'm not ready yet, please dont let me die... and i was out. I remember waking up to being in the hospital with a kneck brace on and IV's the whole works.. turn out.... I had to get 17 stiches in my forehead because a pair of needle nose pliers cut a big hole in my head... I had my left pelvic socket shattered my left forearm broken in more than 2 places, a cuncussion my hair eventually started falling out from post tramitic stress sydrome, I started out being bed ridden to using a wheel chair when i could fianlly sit up slightly, to using a walker to finally walking but this happened in 2002... I still have problems with my broken bones mainly my back and arm tho.. I had to also have 2 surgeries on my arm, 1st one to put a plate and 6 bolts to hold it together, then another to have them taken out caue the bolts started pokeing through my skin.... And the doctors said that if I wasnt drinking I WOULD HAVE DIED!.. makes me think and here I am 5 years later still scared when I am in the passengers seat ... I am only comfortable when my mom drives... and all I'm going to say is thank you mom and dad for saving me and making me come home home to stay... xxooXXOOxxoo I love you guys!

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I read the book "THE GIFT OF FEAR" and feel every kid should read it in school.<br />
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When a deer hears a noise in the woods it runs for safety out of instinct.<br />
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Humans don't want to look foolish so they often second guess their intuition (Inner voice) and hang around to be a victim.<br />
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You did GREAT but the police should have been told so they could get a composite even if hypnosis was needed to remember him.<br />
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I enjoy reading your story. am glad your alright,. the man that help you was an angel send from God. God has given you a second chance .because you were into drugs he wants you to help other get out of them. he has a plan just for you.. maybe he want you to be a drugs counsel to help others. read about God . get to know him . he has help me . I am his daughter he told to tell this.. janie garcia

It seems like it is your fate to stay here (:<br />
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Please go for your dreams and let nothing stop you from having the happiness that you're entitled to.<br />
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I've had moments when it seemed like I was close to crazyness or some kind of end.. It just makes me have more drive to do my best while here on this earth.. and be happy..<br />
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You are blessed with this life, and know that everything that happens is for the best.. Just go forward!! :D<br />
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Love and Happiness

Dear Dreamergril: I'm sorry you had to go through such a terrible, traumatic experience, particularly at such a young age. I wish you continued healing and hope eventually you fully recover, at least physically. I know you will have emotional scars for a long time. I hope they also heal completely. I think that sharing your story with others and talking to people will help. I will pray for you. On a more sinister note, I hope the guy(s) you left with were caught and received the appropriate punishment for his/their actions. Hang in there. Progress is made one step at a time. For some reason, I have found that things can go bad in a heartbeat, but things are unfortunately much slower getting better. From an old, but not necessarily wise man, who has been through a lot of bumps in the road, but none as bad as yours. I have suffered as a result of others, some of which I loved and trusted. Hugs-

good advice! that crazy tingle we get when scared is a life saver! People should pay attention to our natural instincts!

Mine was no accident; when I was in my early 20's my Mom was in the Jewish hospital in St Louis for cancer surjury. I had 2 little brothers so my dad had to stay with them; I was married, living in Indiana, but took a job leave & went to be there for her. I stayed w my cousin, she'd drop me off early & pick me up when she got off work. The interns,, doctors saw me there, morning til night, & advised me to get out, for sun and a rest. Across the busy highway was Grant Park so while Mom slept I went over there...walking the trails was confusing, I found myself alone & lost...NO ONE near. I sensed someone watching me (that hair stand up on the neck thing) & I glanced behind me & there was a man...walking the trail above me. I began walking fast; I glanced back & he was staying just behind me..I turned & he followed, staring at me. I saw an opening; it was a golf course bordering the park & I saw 2 golfers & began running across the course toward them..they began waving at me to get off the course but I kept running to them, by then I was almost hysterical; one walked me to the main path, where there were people and then I saw the red light where I could cross & get back to the hospital. When I glanced back that guy was still standing, in the crowd, staring at me. My blood was ice cold. I didn't tell my Mom, but when the interns/etc came round that afternoon they asked if I'd gotten out, & I told them about my experience. They all looked strange, & told me from now on go to the hospital's open area; and that there had been two women raped & murdered in that park, & the police were trying to catch them. I will NEVER forget the fear in me, & when I hear of crimes like that now I can't imagine what the poor victims must've felt....SO always rememer==go by your gut feeling; don't EVER over ride it. There's a book "The Gift of Fear", he was on Oprah...& I wish EVERY woman could read might save their lives.

SORRY to hear of all that, may i ask you one thing? How has this entire expierence changed your life?

I also had a car accident, read it in my story if you want, and I was very lucky if I compare my story with yours.