Tree Was Out to Get Me

I got married April 4th 2009. We have 100 acres in Appalachia. On April 8th. we went out for our usual hike through our woods with our 4 dogs and 4 goats. My 5 year old grandson was also visiting and went along too. We were all spread apart on the trail looking at different things. I heard a tree cracking noise very close to me so I started to run from the noise. Too late, the tree, a 30-40 foot tall, 10" diameter oak tree fell on my left shoulder and my back, knocking me down.  I thought I was dying, I couldn't breathe. I was lying on my right side and luckily the path was lower in the middle where I was laying so the tree wasn't laying on top of me, it was supported up off me by both sides of the ground. My husband rushed to me and I said I think I'm dying, I can't breathe. He looked at my right foot and I could tell by the look on his face that it was bad. I was angry, I thought "damn it, I just got married to the best guy in the world, life is good!" My husband wanted to move me, I said "no, go call 911" He got my grandson and said "RUN" and they took off down a steep bank toward our house. I started counting out loud 1 thousand 1 etc, I didn't want to pass out. My husband had left his backpack and a pistol in case of snakes or animals that would want to eat me. He also had a space blanket and small pillow, that came in really handy. I always teased him about being a boyscout he is so prepared, no more!

In a short while he returned in a truck with one of the volunteer EM's. The EM had a thick coat and laid over me, even though it was about 65 outside I had started to shiver. After maybe another 15 minutes had passed the other EM's arrived on 4 wheelers. They got a neck brace on me and got me on a backboard. They had a small trailer on the back of the 4 wheelers and put me on that and took me to a nearby emergency helicopter landing site. 

They took me to a hospital about 65 miles away. I ended up with a crushed right foot, 4 broken ribs, an air bubble between my lung and the surrounding sac, a stage 2 lacerated liver, L1, L2, L3,L4 vertebra fractured and L5 a transverse fracture.

They told me I was very lucky to be alive. I was in the hospital 2 weeks and a rehab center for 2 weeks. Am home now in a wheelchair but expect a full recovery, hopefully. They said the fractures especially the right foot will probably give me trouble with arthritis but I do feel lucky to be alive.          


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Wow. You were so lucky

Wow that's quite an experiance! Thank you very much for sharing this story!

Wow. How scary that must have been. Now enjoy the remainder of your life and hopefully that will be many many many more years