Car Accident

my cousin stole her dads car and wanted to drive to a bigger city and hour away, we both don't know really how to drive

we got to the city because she wanted to see her boyfriend but he was't there so i finally convinced her for us to go back

we were on the free way, i was going 60 my driving was fine

then i wanted to pass up a semi and i thought i was ahead of it but i was right next to it all i can really remember is turning then hitting the cement wall then going back and hitting another semi and spinning

the cops told me i hit the semi, then the cement wall then hit the semi and started spinning and hit another semi

i got out of the car and could still walk i don't even know how the accident looks because we left so quickly

my cousin was stuck in the car but finally got out and couldn't remember what happened

i'm 17 and don't have a license and was driving and totaled a stolen car

the cops and doctors told me i should be dead right now, i'm not even severely injured i just have a stiff neck and back, my cousin has a fractured pelvis

i can't believe this happened or that i was idiotic enough to make such a terrible decision and my mind still can't even comprehend the fact that i should be dead right now

marilublue marilublue
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Not that I know of, my cousin wasn't badly hurt but we haven't spoke since. I've driven a few times since, it hasn't went very well. It was terrifying all the glass and screaming and when it was over all the blood, and just being on the side of road regretting everything. It was the worst feeling i've ever had in my life, and I haven't fully coped and recently I had some pretty bad flashbacks. The worst part was thinking that I had killed her, then feeling like my entire life after this was going to deteriorate.

We all make mistakes but was anybody actually injured or killed? I hope not and do you feel like you can't drive anymore? Just somethings I am wondering about... i wanna know how you felt.

You are very lucky to be alive and so is your cousin. Good for you that you realize the mistake you made. Tuck that away for the next time you and your cousin put your heads together and come up with a plan.<br />
Maybe you should say a little "thank you" to the man upstairs too! Good luck!