I Almost Died On The I 15 Coming Back From Las Vegas

Living in Orange County California everyone takes off to vegas since its such a close drive.

One day after work a friend & I decided to make a one night trip to go play and then drive back in time for work the following day.

He had just bought a new Toyota 4-runner that still had paper plates on it & about 400 miles total. We gambled all night and we were on our way home at around 6:30 a.m. We had just stopped by McD's and got some drive-thru McMuffins and I remember getting a 32oz coke in hopes to keep me awake to watch his driving. We were about 25 min outside of vegas when I said PLEASE let me drive if you get tired. He said to me "Oh I'm fine don't worry about it" now normally I would have really pressured him to let me drive but the car was brand new so I knew it would have been hard to convince him so I let it go.

It seemed like I closed my eyes for 5 min when all of a sudden I hear him say "****" I look up to see him fishtailing back & fourth on the fwy. All I remember was holding on to the seat and thinking "IT's OVER. this is it" I saw images of my family and my mom & dad smiling and some other flashbacks of life. When I was seeing these things in my mind we were in the air about to crash, he had lost control of the truck at about 110 the police estimated and we went down this lets call it a halfpipe since that what it basically was in between the freeway and we launched in the air and cleared both two lanes of on coming traffic. My eyes were shut during this whole time so when we were free falling I didn't know where we were if we were falling off a cliff or what, it was sooo freaky. Well we made impact which seemed like about 5 or10 seconds in the air and rolled 3 1/2 times and the truck came to rest with my door window on the dirt. He was still in his seat belt when I asked if he was ok, his words to me were PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME, PLEASE & I was like just get out of the truck. 

We climbed out the back hatch window that was shattered and all I see is all this garbage all around us, I was like what is this stuff.? Well it turns out it was all of our things that shot out of the car as we were crashing. This woman comes screaming up at us from the Freeway asking if we were ok & looking at us like we just landed from mars. I guess when he launched off the lip of the center of the Freeway & we were in the air we missed hitting there motor home by inches she said. She couldn't believe we were walking around after what she saw.

I ended up with only like 3 very small scratches from the glass and a handfull of shattered glass in my sweatshirt, that was it. 

The CHP said we were VERY LUCKY to survive this accident.

I will never forget that day.

Oh Yea, and I only had like 3 sips of my coke & the rest was in my hair after we crashed. I guess things could have ended up worse.

I have pictures too so I think I will post one here for visuals.

I guess the best thing to take from this story is to be careful who's hands you put your life into.

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It was same type of feeling after awakening from a crazy dream but I woke up looking at the ground at my window and my friend hanging above me from his belt. I just asked if he was ok and said lets get out quick.<br />
<br />
Cop said if we didn't have the belts we would have been thrown out. When we crawled out the back hatch and I saw all this trash around I was like what is all this **** come to realize it's all our stuff that was thrown out.<br />
<br />

Wow that is intense... What did u feel after u found out that you two were both ok? Was there an adrenaline rush or were you just in amazement that you were standing there able to talk to the people around u?