Im Careless, Thats What I Am :s

I'm 21, and I always loved the water. Since I was little I just loved to swim and when ever my mom took me to the beach I left her in the beach and swam alone. She always yelled at me I just ignore carelessly. I never had a problem with water till today 24th July 2010.
I went for beach martial art training with my mates and my instructor (who is my bro in law). Its been almost a year since I swam in the ocean. So I was so damn excited! I couldnt wait till he tell us to go swim.
After hours of training we ran to the sea. Like always I was careless, yelling, saying dumb things and I walked. I could feel bottom, but I tried to go forward. I saw my instructor next to me, next min he was in front of me I tried to touch the bottom but I coudnt, I balanced my self for a while. But I go tired.
I tried swimming but I coudnt cause of the current. The sea water was getting in to my mouth. I had no chance, I yelled calling for his name. My mates and he was close by they said "come on! swim!!!" I tried but I coudlnt every thing was getting tense I coudlnt feel the bottom, no more control, I was drinking sea water! (yuck!) 
Then my instructor swam towards me, I held his shoulder, I slipped I grabbed his pants (lol) He was drowning too. He held by my head and kicked me. I slowly swam towards to beach.
After getting on the beach I lied down for a long didnt speak. I was in shock! dont even think I thanked him. Only thing i did was washing my face, puking, staring at the sea.
 for a long time I just stared out at the ocean in shock. I told the guys not to tell any one cause this might damage my instructors reputation and a fullstop to our training :P

iloveoscar iloveoscar
Jul 24, 2010