I Went Rafting.

I had this bright idea to go rafting, i live in wisconsin so theres plenty of places to go. I called a few friends and at first there was spose to be 6 of us. 3 girls 2 guys, well saturday came and it ended up be only 3 girls but we decided to go anyway. It had rained for about 3 days prior, but we figured it was safe, hey the place was open and it was packed. Well we took the 5 hour trip and we had fun, the water level was pretty high but didnt really bother us. Oh yeah did i forget to tell you i cant swim. didnt bother me i wanted to do something fun with my friends. anyway, we did the whole trip, but there was this one falls that kind of intimidated me it was the last one. i told the girls i wanted to get out but they said we would be ok kept going, well we got stuck on some rocks and so i jumped out and let them go down. they made it safely down the falls but now i had to climb down. i seen people jumping in earlier before we left so i figured it was safe, so i crawled in and started to swim towards my friends and slowly started getting pulled towards the falls i just thought i was swimming to slow so i tried to hurry but it started pulling me in futher. It was pulling me more to the middle so panic set in and i started freaking out. soon i was really close to the falls. I was screaming at the top of my lungs the whole time but my friends couldnt hear me scream over the falls. in my mind at first was of course HELP ME PLEASE!! thats all i kept saying over and over but they couldnt hear me. i was trying to keep my head above water but itwas pulling me and pulling me fast. i was starting to suck in alot of water and in my mind i was thinking...this is it, im going to die, theyre not going to reach me...and  a sort of exceptance came over me and in my head i could imagine myself floating and the fight with this water would be over. well, my friend pulled me and put me by the wall, i turned around to see her head go under the water and the look on her face terrified me, she was just as scared as i was. i was like NO MELISSA! and pulled her by me and my cousin seen us and started to swim towards us, we were both sceaming NO JESSICA STAY THERE!! but she kept coming and started getting pulled under and she had the same terrified look on her face as melissa did, but melissa grabbed her and we all held onto this rock wall as hard as we could when finally this guy and girl came down on there raft and seen us. he was smiling at first i think till he seen my face then he put out his paddle to me and grabbed my arms i was just begging him not to let me go. the girls grabbed onto the sides of his raft and thanks to him we're all here today.iif  if
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yeah it was really scary. didnt realize what good friends i had, glad to have them in my life.