I Felt My Life Slip Away As I Almost Drowned!

Me, my sister, her boyfriend, my two nieces and nephew went to this water park last weekend, in Daytona called the Daytona Lagoon. So the park have a big wave pool that goes from 2ft deep all the way up to 6ft deep, and me my nephew and nieces were in this big wave pool and every 5 minutes or so the waves would come. So my nieces wanted a raft that was floating in the water. Now I am only 4'11 tall and I don't know how to swim so I tried to catch the raft before it went in the 5ft part of the pool but somehow the water came over my head before I could get hold of the raft. I guess the waves was pulling me in deeper and deeper into the pool. I can remember trying to hold my breath but as I took in breath I also took in water so I tried so hard to get air but remember that I am only 4'11 and I cant swim and I was also in the 5ft part of the pool. So finally i was able to hold in my breath and I went under and i begin to move my arms and kick my feet and some how i got back to the 4ft park of the pool where i was able to stand up without water going in my noise. Every time I think about almost drowning It just seem kinda surreal that I made it out of the water. It was like the scariest feeling I every had in my life. I know GOD sent his angels to help me that day because if it wasn't for people in my past that tried to teach me how to swim I would would have just panicked and probably would have died that day..
Mona904 Mona904
Jul 29, 2010