Almost Drowning At The Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL
I can't really remember when this was, but I was young. 
I was playing in the shallow ends of the beach in the water, at that time I had no idea what undertoes were. I swam around a bit farther into the waves, letting the waves carry me back to the very shallow end. However, when I moved the spot where I was and went out to the waves again, I suddenly went under. The current was so strong and I could feel myself being dragged out further into the deeper water. Keeping calm, I tried to swim up. Luckily the current wasn't very strong and I was a little above the current instead of under. I managed to break to the surface and found myself at a distance from the shore. My father seemed to notice, because he was looking for me. When he found where I was he swam out to get me (surprisingly nowhere near that dang current) and brought me back. Fighting the current burned out a lot of my energy and we eventually left a little while after. My father asked what I was doing way out there, I told him what happened, and he explained what an undertoe was to me. That really took me by surprise, I would say.
Paxis Paxis
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

I almost drowned in calm waters, you on the other hand nearly drowned in the ocean which is quite violent. I think your experience is a bit more inspiring than mine. Thanks for sharing it.