I Almost Drowned Yesterday . . .

Yesterday me and my friend ( both 14 year old ) went to the beach, the flag was green meaning that the life guards had judged the sea safe to be in. We went in until the water was up to our hips and just played a little until we heard the life guard whistling for us to get out, we looked around and realized that the current had dragged us far away from the shore with the water almost to our nose and as we tried to swim back to the shore we then realized we couldn't even move since the waves kept pushing us back.

My friend began to ask for help as we were dragged further into the sea, the life guards saw us and two immediatly went to rescue us although from our point of view we thought nobody had realized. We were starting to panick, she began crying thinking we were going to die but i tried not to let it show for her to try and make her feel safe.

The waves started to go over us, we accidently let water into our mouths and we couldn't see the shore anymore. When the life guards arrived and pulled us into the boat i remember clinging onto my friend. We were both crying and with a few scratches from the rocks we had hit while being pulled by the waves. Now i'm simply terrified of going near the sea, just thinking the panic i felt.
ProjectRhea ProjectRhea
Aug 2, 2010