My Brother God Rest His Soul

my story is ....... one of my 6 brothers died in a lake ( drowned ) he was only 9 years old....very sad ..

when they brought his body out of the water it was black and swollen, 4 times bigger then its normal size, his beauitful snow white hair   ( tow headed as they say in the south) tossing  in the wind as the diver carried his limp body from the lake.... I could see his head bobbing up and down as the diver carried him towards the ambulance. 

my brother and I are the white haired, blonde children out of 8....the rest of my siblings have dish water blonde or brn hair. one has green eyes and one with brown colored eyes, all others have piercing blue eyes. 
ll never for get!  that incident has followed me all my life, i was only 15 when it happened .... odd thing is, my child was born on the same month and day  ( not year)  my brother past on...> may 28 

bitter sweet  it is ..........

when he past on, a piece of me died with him,  ill never be the same! NEVER!   I am afraid of losing my only child ..... my heart has harden, so sad.......
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is your son a reincarnation of your brother? just a thought. he may still be with you through your son.

no my son is half Spanish, his hair and eye color are different than my brother, my son has hazels eyes with blk hair my brother had white blonde hair, with dark blue eyes.

my brother and I look a lot alike, we are the light ones in our family...

yes, I agree... my brother may still be with me through my son............
I was like a second mom to my brother who past on

My brother died on May 28th, 2010 in a pond in AK, the same day as my dad's birthday. What an extraordinary coincidence.

OMG GAVE ME CHILLS TO READ THIS ............... (((HuGS)))

So sorry for your loss xxx stay strong <3333

Thank you for sharing your tragic story. Heartbreak and loss are almost as common as love and connection. We need the later first, and may you, til the last, be left with love and connection.

thank you for your kind words ms (((hugs)))

i had plans to vist my brothers grave and to see my father ( who is still living) in florida, but the hotels are way pricey this time of year... this time of year florida is way over priced <br />
<br />
the cheap ones are full of rift raft, alone traveling female as my self, i perfer to stay at a hotel with the high end rift rafts lol

Dear Gypsyblu, <br />
<br />
What a terrible story! If you ever need someone to talk to, just contact me. <br />
<br />
I have five brothers. One is missing and missed. So we share something in common. <br />
<br />
With my love,<br />

room thanks so much..may is the month he past on.... i just looked up his burial place to see if i could see pics of his grave .....another brother of mine past on in fall of 2010......... all my younger siblings are passing on ... another brother is sick with a bad heartso i expect him to no tlast to long ....., his life style ( drugs drinking, living in the streets)

room im sorry abut ur brother missing.... (((hugs)))

Isn't that sort of the horror of life and love... that everyone you know or love will leave you or be left by you.

My thoughts are with you and my hopes for a longer than expected quality life are sent out to your brother.

girl, i understand what ur saying... there is a movie by stephen king ( i for get the name... where the guy never ages and everyone his age, has past on and he was left wondering why he was left to live on ...

Thanks gypsyblu!

Dear aniowagirl,
That's a pity! But at least, and wonderfully, you are alive :-)


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Denta thank you for the love (((hugs)))

Gypsy this is heartbreaking and I've suffered loss so I won't insult you with sympathetic words that do your heart and suffering no justice.<br />
<br />
Just know I love you and ache for your loss. Your heartbreak is yours alone but those of us who know you wish we could help you carry that burden.